BL Speech & Debate Course Offerings


This course focuses on speaking confidence and speech organization by creating and reciting original stories and personal narratives. Students will be able to use the basic parts of a story (characters, setting, plot) in a speech with clear organization, speaking confidence, and characterization, and dialogue much like a theatrical performance. Students will also be able to share personal narratives with clear beginning, middle and ends as well as showcase their storytelling ability in a the newsroom showcase on popular stories or current events.

No prerequisite required.

Public Speaking

This course focuses on teaching students speaking and speech writing techniques to ensure persuasion and speaking confidence. Students will be introduced to extemporaneous, informative and original oratory speeches. Each speech style will give students the chance to explore different ways to deliver compelling, interesting and dynamic speeches. This course focuses on providing the building blocks necessary to deliver speeches in a professional manner publicly.

Mandatory end of term tournaments will be held to assess their development.

Advanced Public Speaking

This course teaches students advanced speaking and speech writing techniques for Tournament preparation. Students will learn specific speech formats to compete in Public Speaking competitions. Students will practice monologues, persuasive speeches, and informative speeches that can be performed at Tournaments. This course develops students’ ability to research, present memorized speeches with strong stage presence, while enhancing their appeal to all audience types. This course focuses on training students to become charismatic, professional speakers that compete regionally, nationally and internationally.

Evaluations and Interview Required: Students in this course must be interested in competing at tournaments. This class requires more than just a class time commitment. Students will be expected to practice daily at home in preparation for tournament success.

Debate Foundations (Novice)

This course is designed to introduce students to argumentation and logic skills before requiring competitions. In this course students will learn to create, evaluate and respond to arguments. Students will focus on developing foundational skills like: public speaking, note taking, logical reasoning and argument comparison. This course focuses on training students to increase their comfort with competitive debate events.

No prerequisite required.

Rising Star Speech & Debate (Intermediate)

This course teaches students how to make, respond and defend arguments by focusing on argument structure. In this course students will learn to present clear speeches, develop targeted attacks on their opponents arguments, form cross examination strategies, research techniques, and develop notetaking skills to enhance their debate and speech proficiency. Students that have completed a Public Speaking course at BL are welcome to join this class to develop their teamwork, small group and interpersonal skills. This course focuses on developing students to ensure strong argumentation and logic fundamentals while introducing technical delivery skills.

Prerequisite Required: To enter this course students must have completed the Debate Foundations course OR take an assessment to ensure proper leveling.

Advanced Debate

This course is designed for students that want to compete in debate tournaments. The class will focus on preparing students for competitions in Public Forum debate internationally and Parliamentary (BP/ CNDF) style debates regionally. Students participating in this course will grow in a wealth of knowledge about the world around them politically, economically, and learn about the infrastructures at play that contribute to decisions in policy making. Students will learn strategies in advanced attack and defense of the cases they make, learn how to develop a clear picture that summarizes each debate, develop situational tactics and learn to work with various partnerships. This course focuses on developing the individual student to prepare them for a partnership to help them achieve their competitive goals.

Evaluation and Interview Required: Students in this course must have passed the Rising Star Debate class or have competed in at least two debate tournaments in the last year.

Debate Masterclass (Must register with your partner)

This course is designed for students that want to pursue competitive success at speech and debate tournaments. The class will focus on preparing teams for Public forum and Parliamentary competitions regionally, nationally and internationally. Students are expected to attend a minimum of four competitions per academic year. Students participating in this course will grow their interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and mental toughness. Students will learn how to maximize their strengths to complement and supplement weaknesses of their partnership. This course focuses on developing the partnership to ensure proper execution, expectations and evolution of the students to tap into their full potential.

Partners Required: Students in this course must have previously competed in at least 3 tournaments together as well as completed debate training at the intermediate level or commit to debate with one another for the season.