Bilingual Recruitment & Retention Specialist

(Chinese & English)

BL Debate Academy is a premier speech and debate institute that currently provides 6th -12th grade students with the skills necessary to become a compelling advocate, thought leader, and dynamic student in the classroom and beyond. This competitive discipline is an essential skill for students to learn how to critically think, engage conflict management, develop interpersonal skills, and an important addition to a student’s portfolio for college admission acceptance. We thrive on a feedback driven activity based classroom preparing students for competitive tournaments and focus on public speaking, delivery, persuasion, research, and negotiation tactics. We are currently expanding to provide speaking courses for Kindergarten through Grade 3 this year.

In support of these goals, BL Debate is seeking a Recruitment & Retention Specialist to attain three objectives:

1. Optimize and scale how we recruit prospective families and increase the yield of those who enroll and attend our program.
2. Provide supplementary support for families in order give them the best educational experience possible.
3. Promote and recruit new course offerings to prospective families through promotions and demo classes.

We believe that this requires us to continuously and consistently inform and invest in parents beginning with their first interaction which established BL Debate as the premier choice for families with children building their extracurricular resume throughout their educational journey.

Role & Responsibilities

Execute field outreach programs and promotional activities in regional markets and partner programs in China, Korea, and South East Asia. A Recruitment & Retention Specialist will often be the first touchpoint to BL Debate for prospective families, making this team a critical contributor toward reaching our enrollment and expansion goals.

  • Plan and execute in-person and virtual recruitment events that drive towards the regional and international goals.

  • Request assets from the Marketing and Communications teams relevant to their specific regional needs and demographics to support recruitment.

  • Track and log all recruitment activity, including but not limited to event attendees, leads generated per event, collateral used for canvassing, cost per event, keeping the Student Recruitment event calendar accurate, and applications generated per event.

  • Serve as the main point-of-contact for BL Debate leadership teams within their assigned region/territory. Collaborate with regional BL Offices (Vancouver, West Vancouver, & Richmond) for recruitment efforts including in-person/virtual promotions, social media promotion, and school-based recruitment drives.

  • Identify, initiate, and maintain relationships with community based organizations (CBO’s) to develop CBO-to-BL Debate pipelines, identify BL Debate as the premier educational choice in the community for Speech & Debate. This CBO outreach can include tabling, hosting or supporting CBO events as a representative of BL Debate, and conducting information sessions.

  • Recruit, engage, and organize parents of BL Debate students as resources for prospective families, especially parents of students at target schools within the region. This includes but is not limited to organizing parent panels, parent application referrals, and recruiting parents for our Parent Ambassador Program.

  • Support tournament recruitment for students.

  • Coordinating with other student recruiters to codify and share best practices and improvement opportunities.

  • Retention of enrolled families through the first 60 days of each academic year.

  • Volume of applicant leads generated in their market.

  • Number of new and continuing community-based contacts established and maintained, segmented by type (e.g. social service, faith-based, childcare, business, etc)

  • Conversion rate of event attendees into applicants or long-lead applicants

Regular submission of performance and market data reporting. Direct a two-person team responsible for the operations of enrollment activities and maintenance of related systems 
  • Partner the director to determine appropriate objectives to achieve departmental goals for application acquisition and enrollment yield

  • Confer, consult, and coordinate with other BL Debate personnel to deliver sustained services that support enrollment and retention.

  • Frequently develop content for family-facing communications for parents and guardians to provide an overview of BL Debate student enrollment, offerings, and training process.

  • Strong organizational, leadership, and people management skills

  • Able to advise and act in a resource capacity to all stakeholders on student enrollment and placement

  • Adept at handling and meeting multiple deadlines in a fast-paced and demanding work environment

  • Able to maintain meticulous records, monitor operations, and prepare reports

  • Possesses excellent written and verbal communication skills, with a seasoned presentation style in English & Chinese.

  • Takes a data-oriented approach to business problem-solving

  • Able to self-direct and prioritize with little oversight

  • Capable of delivering performance despite uncertainty

  • Work directly with the Social Media team to deliver fully integrated Brand Communications plans.

  • Collaborate closely with Marketing and external stakeholders to develop an actionable and relevant pitch calendar for print, broadcast and digital media to achieve results based on company Key performance indicators proactively pursuing alternative solutions when difficulties arise.

  • Facilitate efficient, positive, and productive relationships with PR agencies in respective key markets to achieve regional PR targets by leveraging local insights and ensuring smooth execution.

  • Participate in QA processes for external communications including but not limited to newsletters and editorial articles, proactively flagging sensitive issues and/or communications considerations to respective teams.


The individual must possess excellent communication and presentational skills both written and verbal in  English and Chinese

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