BL Debate Academy is guided by three basic “E” principles: Evidence, Excellence and Evolution. Our pedagogical model is Evidence Based Learning. We believe that students learn best when we provide them with the skills they need to evaluate information and apply it through the use of evidence. We believe that our students are the future thought leaders of the world, so we require excellence as a mission, passion and goal in all that we do. We believe that in order to advance in life you must continue to evolve to the conditions that are placed upon you. BLDA is committed to helping students grow now only as competitors but people as well.

Comprehensive Programming

BL Debate Academy is the only comprehensive Speech and Debate Academy in Canada. Because of our strategic relationship with the National Speech and Debate Association of Vancouver; BL Debate Academy can offer students both U.S. and Canadian styles of Speech and Debate. We have ten (10) different events to choose from that all improve their analytical and speaking skills, persuasive prowess and public speaking acumen.

Comprehensive Programming

All Star Staff

BL Debate Academy has an all-star roster of teachers and coaches. With nearly a millennium of experience we have compiled a list of coaches and teachers that outshine all competitors. Our instructors are from University of British Columbia, Simon Frasier, Yale, New York University, and Harvard. We plan to continue to add coaches from Stanford, Princeton, Berkeley, Columbia and M.I.T. as well.

Proven Record

BL Debate Academy has a rich history of competitive success. From the Stanford Tournament to the Georgetown Tournament BL Debate Academy represents the best and brightest of Vancouver.


Vision & Missions


Student Focus


BL Debate Academy strives to be the Best tournament-based debate program in Canada. By having the best coaches and best debaters, we want to be the first-choice academy for any students that want to become the best debater possible.

BL Debate Academy’s Mission is built on the vision that education serves as a keystone in improving society and building better futures for all, we commit to our core values of

Milestones of BL Debate Academy

Milestones of BL


Historical Achievements of BL Debate Academy


1st Place Burnett MS Debate Tournament (San Jose, California)
3rd Place at Harvard Invitational
3rd Place BC Mock Trials


1st Place NSDA Korea Nationals
1st Place Pacific Lutheran University
2nd Place & 2 Quarter-Finalists Teams at Georgetown University
3rd Place Sedro-Wooley HS Tournament
1st Place University of Oregon
o International Division
Quarter Final
Octo Final
o Regular Division
Double Octos
o International Division
Quarter Finals
o Regular Division
Semi Finals
Double Octos


1st Place and 2nd Place at Harvard Invitational
1st and 3rd Place at Stanford Invitational
1st Place at Puget Sound University



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