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Stefan A. Bauschard

Stefan A. Bauschard is a highly experienced debate coach at BL, boasting over 37 years of involvement in the field. He has held coaching positions at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and St. Mark’s School of Texas and has served as the Debate Director at Georgetown University. Stefan is also renowned as the founder of DebateUS!, a globally recognized debate organization, and has played a pivotal role in establishing the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) in China, further cementing his reputation as a leading figure in the world of debate. In addition to his coaching roles, Stefan’s expertise is evident through his advisory position on the Debate Committee of the Tournament of Champions (TOC), one of the most esteemed debate championships in the United States. He has also made significant contributions to debate administration, including serving as the Executive Director and Chairman of the New York Debate League and overseeing the NSDA’s National Championship. Throughout his career, Stefan has been dedicated to fostering debate programs at numerous colleges and high schools across the nation, solidifying his lasting impact on the debate community.

Jesse M.

Jesse M., BL Senior debate coach, brings over 22 years of extensive experience in the world of debate. He holds the prestigious title of a Two Diamond NSDA coach and serves as a member of the Tournament of Champions PF Advisory Committee, the NSDA PF Topic Wording Committee, and holds the responsibility of being the Debate Director at Georgetown. With a rich coaching background, Jesse has previously held the position of Head Coach at several prominent debate powerhouses across North America. During his own student years, he achieved numerous accolades, notably being among the first distinguished representatives in the inaugural PF debate competition in the United States in 2003. Jesse’s remarkable coaching skills have led his students to achieve numerous international, national, and regional honours, including but not limited to prestigious events such as NSDA Nationals, the Tournament of Champions, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, the Glenbrooks, the University of Kentucky, and Peninsula University.


Conrad, BL Debate Coach, an accomplished individual in the field of debate. He has made significant contributions as a debate coach, guiding numerous students to success across various events. Notably, Conrad played a pivotal role in coaching a team that reached the finals at the NSDA Public Forum Debate Tournament, in addition to achieving top finishes at major national tournaments like Harvard and the Tournament of Champions. During his time as a competitor, Conrad demonstrated his leadership abilities by serving as the debate president at Notre Dame for three years. His early debate experience began at Green Valley High School (NV), where he debated for four years and served as the president of the debate team. Conrad’s exceptional skills allowed him to qualify for the Tournament of Champions twice in Public Forum, achieving a remarkable ranking of fourth in the nation during his senior year. He consistently reached late elimination rounds at a majority of tournaments he participated in, including both the TOC (twice) and the NSDA National Tournament (three times).

Hunter McCullough

Hunter McCullough has been involved with speech debate for over half his life, and has judged, coached, and completed in a variety of formats. He brings his passion for strategy and research to BL Debate Academy to help students hone their speaking skills, learn to think critically, and advocate for themselves.

Tamsin Connerly

Tamsin Connerly is a coach specializing in Congress and Public Forum. In her time as a competitor, she placed 13th at Nationals in Senate Congress, was a finalist at Princeton and Apple Valley in Congress, was a finalist at Duke in Public Forum, and qualified to the Tournament of Champions in both events. She is currently a student at Duke University.

Timothy Colledge

Timothy Colledge is a dedicated debate teacher and debater with over five years of experience teaching carious styles to students of all ages and abilities. As an award- winning debater in Public Forum and World Schools debate, Timothy finished third at Nationals and held the number one rank in New England in 2021. Currently attending Hamilton College, he also leads its debate team. Timothy’s favorite aspect of teaching is inspiring his students to find the same passion for debate that he has.

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