Debate Fundamentals 2

(In person or Online, Grades 6-12, Coach Zach Crouch)
Debate Fundamentals 2

Debate fundamentals 2 offers students the chance to sharpen their skills while developing advanced research and argumentation skills. Students will learn how to analyze issues in-depth and explore cross and final focus strategies. This course will conclude with a tournament at the end of the week.

Age Range: Grades 6-12

Hours: 10-1pm PST
Skill Level: Intermediate


Session 2, July 25th- August 5th @10am-1pm PST (Mon- Fri only), $1200
Length: 3 hours
Tuition: $1200


  • (Early Bird Discount: Use early bird discount code BL22 to get a 10% discount, available until May 1st)
  • Bring a friend! If both friends register for the same class/dates, we’ll provide a $40 referral discount to both families (issued as a refund after registration is complete)!
  • Sibling discount is now 5% of paid tuition per child and will be issued as a refund once registration is complete.

Sample Daily Schedule

2:00 – 2:15 PM Debate Warm Up
2:15 – 3:00 PM Introduction to Debate Packet
3:00 – 3:05 PM Break
3:05 – 4:00 PM Comparison and Weighing of points
4:00 – 4:05 PM Break
4:05 – 5:00 PM Mini-Debate on Packet Concept

Sample Weekly Schedule Example 1

Day 1: Argumentation and Assessments – students will be assessed on their public speaking and persuasion skills.
Day 2: Topic Discussion – students will be given a topic or the upcoming tournament.
Day 3: Cross ocus – students will work on developing advanced cross skills.
Day 4: Practice Debates – students will test their case against their team mates.
Day 5: Tournament

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