Public Forum

Skill and Strategy Development for Public Forum Debate

PF is one of the most popular forms of debate. We believe in the ability of debate to help engage and change the world, providing students from around the world the opportunity to debate this summer. Knowledgeable faculty lecture on topic areas relevant to resolutions debated throughout the year as well as on key public forum strategies and techniques.

Summer 2023 Sessions
  • Vancouver school: July 17 – 21 and July 24 – 28
  • Vancouver school: August 21 – 25 and August 28 – September 1
    In-person : 10:00am – 4:00pm
    Online: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Learning Objectives
  • Topic Analysis: Learn how best to approach and research topics
  • Research Techniques: Research using the most efficient and reliable methods
  • Case Construction: Craft cases ready to win at the national level
  • Debate Strategies: Learn argumentative and rhetorical strategies for winning
  • Debate Tournament Experience: Extensive experience debating with other students in front of faculty

Level: Debaters with PF tournament experience

Students are tracked by experience level in small group lab settings.


One Session $1,000 (2 weeks per session)
Summer Camp Debaters will enjoy 10% off for the fall term program enrollment.

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