Speech & Debate Teacher

Job Opening 2022-2023 School Year and Summer Camp  2022 

BL Speech & Debate is seeking to hire an energetic, committed person to coach Speech and Debate courses. The candidate must have expertise in teaching and coaching middle & high school students. 

BL Speech & Debate Academy is a premier speech and debate institute that currently provides 6th-12th grade students with the skills necessary to become a compelling advocate, thought leader, and dynamic student in the classroom and beyond. This competitive discipline is an essential skill for students to learn how to critically think, engage conflict management, develop interpersonal skills, and an important addition to a student’s portfolio for college admission acceptance. We thrive on a feedback driven activity based classroom preparing students for competitive tournaments and focus on public speaking, delivery, persuasion, research, and negotiation tactics. 

Required qualities include 

  • Knowledge of the National Speech & Debate Association competitive debate  and/ or Parliamentary style debates ( ie BP, CNDF, Worlds)
  • Experience coaching novice and advanced levels and multiple styles/events
  • Follow appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential with their own teaching style 
  •  Applicants must be open to change and possess skills that promote student achievement and growth both in the classroom when working with students on the competitive speech and debate team.
  • Complete attendance every class and actionable feedback for students monthly.

This is a seasonal, part-time position for the 2022-2023 school year, Summer 2022. 

(We are also hiring full time coaches but must be available for in person classes. VISAs available for US Citizens seeking full time employment in Vancouver, BC))

Salary Range: 

  • Part Time: $25- $40/ hour. Classes will be awarded to teachers based on student request and availability. ( Online & In person)
  • Full Time: $30k- 45k a year 

BL Speech & Debate reserves the right to pay more or less than the posted range

Speech and Debate Coach Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide individual and group instruction in preparation for  learning speech & debate. 
  • Advanced course teachers must prepare students for tournament competition
  • Establish performance requirements, enforces academic requirements, and verifies each student’s eligibility to participate in forensic/debate activities
  • Maintain the integrity and reputation of BL Speech & Debate in the forensic community by teaching and modeling integrity, commitment, and diligence
  • Meet Debate directors to  review monthly teaching goals for the speech and debate classes or competitions (upon request and ability)


  • Enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree, Completed Bachelors or Master’s degree is preferred
  • Strong commitment and desire to work with youth and adults in a collaborative environment
  • Enjoy the challenge of implementing new teaching methods and educational tools in an ever changing and strategic environment
  • Plan and deliver instructional activities that facilitate active learning experiences and establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities
  • Ability to utilize technology and integrate the use of technology to instruct and provide feedback on student’s performance and development
  • Life-long learner, optimistic, flexible, and passionate about helping all students reach their potential

Work Location:

  • Online 
  • Richmond, BC 
  • Vancouver, BC